Jaya Beach-Robertson - Karen

Aria Dehar - Sharee

Hannah Tasker-Poland - Heidi

Bryony Skillington - Patrice

Yvette Parsons - Deborah

Edwin Beats -  Joseph

Sam Snedden - Ray

Sean O'Connor - Dad

Mayen Mehta - Chemist

Momo Wakino - Mandy

Jordan Mooney - Fuck Boy

Caitlin Mitchell - Hot girl

Tim Itayi - Tim

Eliza Mackay - Tina

Ava Diakhaby - Receptionist

Michael Saccente - Kind Man

Rory Nolan - Racist Man



Jaya Beach-Robertson - Creator & Writer

Jaya grew up as the lanky weird kid with the strange accent and so has become accustomed to, and even fond of, being the outsider. Born and raised in the perpetually overcast Seattle, Jaya moved with her family to Nelson, New Zealand - a small isolated town full of stoners, old people, and badly disguised racism. Moving at an awkward cusp-y age meant she retained the dregs of her west coast drawl which, morphed with the stiff upper lipped Kiwi twang, resulted in a jarring hybrid of the two, further exacerbating the outsider effect.

Jaya has had her fair share of TVC's. Some may say she is a TVC hua. The most notable being Instant Kiwi's Kitten's and Air New Zealand's Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made.

Jaya has studied the Meisner technique with Michael Saccente since 2013.

In 2017 she played Jiro in the Netflix co-production, The New Legend of Monkey. Other television credits include Dear Murderer and Shortland Street.

In 2018, Jaya's first born child, PSUSY, won the award for best web episodes at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

She is also a talented voice performer, working on projects like Muk Puddy's Quimbo's Quest and Path of Exile, a MMO RPG by Grinding Gears, as Lilly Roth.



ANNA DUCKWORTH is one of New Zealand's most talented and versatile producers and directors. As a director Anna has twice won Best Director at both 2012 and 2015 48Hour Filmmaking Competition, with her team being National Finalists in 2011, 2014 and 2015. Anna's first experience directing a music video was for 2013 X-factor winner Jackie Thomas and the clip has garnered over 200,000 views. Anna wrote and directed short film FOMO about life as a New Zealander living in New York City.

Critically acclaimed, Anna has leant her talents as a producer to a wide variety of projects; Tim van Dammen's sophomore feature film MEGA TIME SQUAD, a colloquial sci-fi comedy. The web series $1 RESERVE with creative duo Sophie Henderson and Curtis Vowell about the interactions strangers have through TradeMe. Post-apocalyptic short film DARKTOWN, which was shot in power outage in Manhattan following Hurricane Sandy which gained a 2016 Grand Jury Award at the L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival.



Anna Duckworth - Director

Ben Montgomery - DoP

Beren Allan - On set Sound Recordist

Lucy Lever - Art Department

Tanya Barlow - Hair & Make-up

Adorate Mizero - Runner

James Watson -  Line Producer

Amber Leigh Steven - Production Manager

Lauren Porteous - Script Advisor

Finn McGowan - Extra Content

Damian Golfinopoulos - Editor

Joshua Lynn - Sound Mix and Music

Kelly Chen - Camera Assistant

Tom Neunzerling - Camera Assistant

Creature Post - Graphics